Tēnā tātou,

In Te Āheinga Panui | Issue 3, we share a success story from one of our procurement clients, how to use
GETS to improve your search, how to prepare for future opportunities, what information
you might need when submitting, what a case study is, and what compliance
documentation will likely be required. We also provide tips on how to utilise the GETS
system as well as a snapshot of the most current GETS procurement possibilities.

Wawata Creative – A procurement success story!

Congratulations to Wawata Creative and the Puhimoana Ariki Collective. Last year in
conjunction with Te Puni Kokiri we supported the Collective through the tender
process. We are so pleased they were successful in gaining this contract for the
National Bowel Screening Campaign. Click on the image to read the full details.

Te Āheinga Panui | Issue 3 - Client Success Wawata Creative

How to optimise your search when using GETS

The best way to search for opportunities on GETS is to use the advanced search
function. This can be found under the search bar on the top left of the page. Here you
can search by industry, location, organisation, keyword, and more.
To search by region:

  1. Navigate to the “Regions” heading at the bottom of the search categories
  2. Click the + button next to international to expand selection
  3. Click the + next to New Zealand to expand again, and then
  4. Choose the region you wish to search for by ticking the relevant boxes
  5. Click search
Te Āheinga Panui | Issue 3 - GETS Quick Tips

How do I prepare now for future opportunities?

• Have all your company information in one place and easily accessible
• Create a procurement folder with sub folders to store information and
• Start building case studies while work is fresh in your mind
• Review your Health and Safety policy and statement to ensure it is fit for purpose
and up to date
• Think about how you engage with and support Māori in your business. Is this
through employment opportunities, your choice of suppliers, or something else.

What should I be gathering?

• Basic business information such as main contact person, business owner
information, contact details, website, social media, NZBN, GST Number, company
• A business profile that talks about what you offer, the size and structure of your
business, organisational chart, brief history of the business, and who you are as a
business owner.
• Case Studies of mahi you have completed
• Industry specific certificates or qualification
• Health and safety information including a copy of your policy and statement and
evidence of your system in use.
• Your latest annual financial accounts

Te Āheinga Panui | Issue 3 - Quick Tips

What is a case study?

A case study is a real-life documented example of your work. Typically, it is used to
show how you have helped a client to accomplish a goal or overcome a challenge and
includes an analysis of the steps taken to do so. This should include:

  1. Who was the client – industry, size of company, location, relationship to you or
    how they found/chose you.
  2. Problem to be solved or the goal for the project – what is it they came to you to
    do, be specific.
  3. Your approach to finding a solution to meet expectations. Did you interview
    them, did you research, how did you plan the mahi?
  4. Your proposed solution. What solution did you end up going with and why was
    that the best?
  5. An analysis of how you delivered that solution. How did you go about delivering
    the solution? What was involved?
  6. How you monitored and measured success. What were your success measures
    and how did you monitor and report those?
  7. Results and benefits for the client. What were the results and benefits that the
    client enjoyed?
  8. Learnings – what did you learn and what would you do different next time?

What compliance documents will I require?

• Health and safety policy, robust system with evidence of use
• Health and Safety statement, signed by a director within the last 2 years
• Copies of trade or industry specific qualifications and/or certifications
• Schedule of renewal for certifications where necessary

Here is a snapshot selection of the latest opportunities listed on GETS:

  • Inland Revenue Department | Offshore debt collection | ID: 25571124
  • Ministry of Housing & Urban Development | Public housing 2018-2022 Strategic Partner Panel | ID: 20471222


  • Ministry of Social Development | Digital forum on MSD’s Technology
  • Strategy | ID: 25509894
  • Department of Conservation | Ketetahi Track rebuild | ID: 25564068
  • Department of Conservation | Matata campsite improvements | ID: 25564182

Ministry of Education – Capital works forward pipeline this includes RFT’s due to be
released to GETS in the near future for services such as:

  • Construction
  • ICT
  • Project Management
  • Consultancy

The current pipeline is listed to June 2022 with July 2022 and later still to be released
by the Ministry. https://www.education.govt.nz/school/property-and-transport/suppliers/supplierpanels/#


  • City Rail Link – Fund Admin Services | ID: 25511311
  • Ministry of Justice – Cash transfer services (security) | ID: 25381738

To search all opportunities and register to receive notifications based on your area of
expertise sign up to GETS. To see application documents for individual tenders you will
need to subscribe to the tender.